Gamma Honors (GH) is an International Honors Society dedicated to the recognition and promotion of academic excellence by honoring exclusively, students who graduate with honors. GH is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its members. GH obtains certain types of information from new members upon completion of a membership application form and from all members during use of Gamma Honors  websites including but not limited to and through direct communication with the Society’s headquarters.  This Privacy Information Policy will help GH members understand the terms and conditions surrounding the collection and use of that information.

This Privacy Information Policy covers: what types of information GH collects from its prospective members, existing members and aspiring members and under what conditions the information is disclosed to others. Unless declared otherwise by using the “Opt-Out Option”, completion of the membership application form constitutes agreement and knowledge of all terms and conditions set forth in this Privacy Information Policy.

The effective date for this version of the Privacy Information Policy is August 1, 2015. GH reserves the rights to modify or amend this statement and policy at any time by mailing its members an updated version and/or by posting the revised policy online.

Any future changes to GH Privacy Information Policy, changes will be mailed and/or posted online to alert members of what information may be collected and/or shared with third parties.

Information Collected

When a prospective member submits an application for membership by completing and submitting the completed application form information such  as the person’s name, address, birth date, gender and postal code is collected. Upon becoming  a member of GH, this information, and any other type which is voluntarily given, is in no way anonymous to GH. Additionally, GH collects personally identifiable information from its members when provided by its members, for instance, in response to a written request for products or services sponsored by GH.

Generally, will automatically collect certain information such as the number and frequency of its visitors, along with what specific areas of the site are used.  GH does not consider this information as  personally identifiable information.

In addition, Internet browsers have features called “Cookies” which store small amounts of information from a user’s computer. “Cookies” may be required to be turned on to visit most websites, and may be required to access certain areas of “Cookies,” however, tell GH nothing about the user and are not considered personally identifiable information, unless the user provides personally identifiable information.

How Information is Used by Gamma Honors

GH uses data which is automatically collected from the general use of to help determine areas of interest to its members. The identity of the user of this information remains anonymous to GH and is only used for these general data calculations. Personally identifiable information may be used by GH and/or shared with third parties. The use and sharing of this information by GH however, can be restricted by opting-out. Unless declared otherwise by opting-out, one’s membership in GH constitutes agreement and knowledge of all terms and conditions set forth in this Privacy Information Policy.

Disclosure and Sharing of Information with Others

GH may share a member’s personally identifiable information collected unless specifically declared otherwise by deciding to opt-out. Failure to opt-out constitutes consent to the usage and/or sharing of personally identifiable information. Sharing of this information may result as follows:

Third Parties and Membership Programs

GH works with its affiliate/sponsor/partner organizations, which in conjunction with their own programs, require disclosure of personally identifiable information. GH will only share personally identifiable information which it reasonably believes will provide services of interest and value to its members. These organizations may be provided personally identifiable information unless GH members specifically declare otherwise by choosing to opt-out.

Credit Card Companies

Credit card transactions required for registration and/or purchasing of items on or other Gamma Honors owned and/or operated websites are handled by a third party financial institution. This institution receives personally identifiable information, along with the given credit card number, only to confirm the validity of the credit card numbers and process the transaction.

Service Providers

For certain requests such as purchases or written responses, GH may provide service providers with personally identifiable information. Information used for these transactions will only be used for mailing and/or shipping purposes.

Educational Institutions

GH views additional educational opportunities as separate and unique offers to its members.  GH may provide personally identifiable information to GH chapter schools and educational affiliates for the purpose of recruitment of GH members into various higher education programs.


A member of Gamma Honors can opt-out of any or all GH emails or from GH’ use of information collected upon registration on the Member Directory by following the “Removal Instructions” provided at the bottom of all broadcast emails transmitted by GH.

A member may also opt-out of receiving specific GH communications by submitting a written or electronic request to Gamma Honors, Attention: Opt Out Dept.

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions or comments concerning this Privacy Information Policy, please send an email to Gamma Honors at or by mail to: Gamma Honors, PO Box 32694, Baltimore, MD 21282-2694.