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We hope you have heard the news about the formation of Gamma Honors, the first International Society exclusively reserved for those who graduate with honor. Gamma Honors and its members are truly unique and exceptional and without a doubt outstanding academically. Gamma Honors members pride themselves as the best and brightest in academics.

As a Gamma Honors member, you have proven and distinguished yourself as academically superior, an achievement much more challenging than qualifying for your school’s Dean’s List or Honor Roll. It is this level of superior and outstanding performance that Gamma Honors is determined to encourage and promote. We are proud of our members and want them to be proud of their academic accomplishments. Above all, we want our members to join us in profiling, sharing, announcing, and promoting their accomplishments to the world, far beyond their institutions and family circles. As a Gamma Honors member, you qualify for a lifetime membership and several other benefits and potential benefits.

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Do you know a friend, colleague, or relative you believe will qualify for Gamma Honors membership? If you do, please tell them about Gamma Honors; even better, text, email, tweet, or link them to Gamma Honors’ website.

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May 8, 2017 PR